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2008-01-01 03:58:39 by AcDiK-DR4G0N

Finally 2007 is over. I hated 2007 for the most part, only a few good things I don't feel like posting. I embrace 2008 in hopes that I can stick to my resolutions and have an amazing year.


2007-12-16 16:46:27 by AcDiK-DR4G0N

Merry Christmas, bitches!


2007-11-01 03:26:20 by AcDiK-DR4G0N

Well, Halloween had to be a blast this year. Let me say, I got 3 garbage bags of candy. Don't you love it when people leave candy in bowls outside their houses?

Well, first off, we pissed in one. It was just pretzels anyway. The second one, and essentially all the other ones we found, I stole. Meaning, I stole the bowl AND the candy. So I'm sitting on enough candy to feed a kindergartener for a year. Other than that, I swiped a few more garden gnomes (Just a fetish of mine) and TP'd some houses. I lacked eggs, so that sucked.

Someone opened their door, and my friend yelled, "THIS IS SPARTAAAA!" and then kicked over a display. We subsequently ran like hell until we got to a different neighborhood. We saw them trolling their neighborhood later, looking for us. XD

In short, Halloween was epic this year.


2007-09-18 04:05:08 by AcDiK-DR4G0N

Me and my band, Fuel For The Antihero will be performing in some Battle of the Bands contest. It shall be fun. First prize is 16 hours of recording time at some 2-bit studio, so at least the prize is decent. I hope we win, these crappy home recordings never are good.

K, so here I am, home from my 'vacation' from Florida (All I really did was check-out uber hawt girls all day). School starts on Monday for me, which blows major donkey dick. Although, strangely enough, my guitar playing has improved dramatically while I was on vacation, due to my utter lack of entertainment. So that's pretty fucking sweet, eh?

Anyways, same shit as always, studying C++, practicing guitar, chasing girls I can't have. Nothing much else.


2007-08-27 17:35:50 by AcDiK-DR4G0N

I'm going on vacation tomorrow, don't miss me too much! I plan on getting home around Tuesday. I'll be flying down to Pensacola, Florida to visit my cousin. We shall fish and drink beer. It shall pwn.



2007-07-19 21:08:14 by AcDiK-DR4G0N

While recently working on my C++ skills, I tried to run my program, and to my surprise, a popup came up explaining that it had encountered an error and it had to close. ZOMGWTFBBQ!

What the hell is that? Seriously, all it did was check the value of one variable then assign another variable a specific number. I don't think we should enter flip mode for that.

Stupid fucking Windows.